Perch Pro 8 Episode 4

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Perch Pro 8 Episode 4. The toughest perch fishing competition in the world is back. 8 teams will fight for 3 days to crown the perch champions of Europe and this year they are faced with the most challenging conditions in the history of PERCH PRO. This season there will be six episodes, released Fridays at CET until the 21st of January. French, German, Swedish, Russian and Polish subtitles are available. These are the 8 teams competing in PERCH PRO 8: CWC Fishing Team Adam Orre Evert Oostdam Nays Stroft Dustin Schöne Tobias Ekvall Bite of Bleak Pelle Seth Peter Fredriksson Sporting Z Man Stephan Nielsen Tomas Helge Sköld Headbanger Lures Emanuel Swärd Markus Teilus Kingfisher Angelreisen Marius Miesen Matthias Vohl Gator Matt Boast Mika Mujunen Fish Candy Martin Kurylo Torben Kagelmacher Which team do you think will win this year? We hope you ll enjoy this season! Check out the new Kanalgratis channels: