The Hypersonic Missile Zircon Episode 2 Russian Army Weapons

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The Hypersonic Missile Zircon Episode 2 Russian Army Weapons. This is Combat Approved: next week and the next episode about the hypersonic missile Zircon . The last time we talked about the launch. This time around we will dive into details about the flight itself. The Ministry of Defense has demonstrated launches of the ‘Zircon’ hypersonic missile before. But just with these shots, captured by the “Combat Approved” operators, can we see the rocket itself for the first time in detail, its launch, and its flight. The purpose of this episode is to understand why Zircon is so valuable, because the ‘Topol’ and ‘Yarsy’ ballistic missiles also fly at hypersonic speeds at some stages. But ‘Zircon’ is something completely different. And it’s this “different” that we’re going to get to grips with today. In this issue, we are going to talk to the people who designed the rocket, who tested it. And we’re going to pay a visit to where the rocket was born. zircon hypersonic combatapproved